Atul Depak

Law Student, New Delhi



Hindi here does not mean the highly Sanskritised Brahmanical Hindi in Devanagari script (which would be alien to Bahujan masses had it not been deceptively imposed on post-independent India). Hindi here refers to the Jaban-e-Hindi/Urdu/Ordu or the language of the ‘exalted camps’ written in the Arabic/Persian script. For those having outsider-insider thoughts at this moment should know that even Sanskrit is an outsider tongue brought by the Aryans according to great Bahujan scholars. The only difference is that whereas those who brought Sanskrit to India brutally monopolised it and didn’t let anyone else study it but there was no such prohibition on the languages brought by the newly Islamicised Arabs, Turks & Central Asian nomads. And they welcomed everyone in their order by beautifully Indianising their camp languages as HindaviHindiUrdu, etc. We proudly prefer to refer ‘Urdu’ in its original name ‘Hindi’ because Hindi seems to us a more suitable, appropriate & better name for this magnificent tongue. By the way, the word ‘Hindi’ itself is an Arabic/Persian term derived from the river Sindhu. Also, the word ‘Hindi’ gives this charming language a geographical identity. Since it is the language of al-Hind, it is appropriate & better to call it ‘Hindi’. This becomes more clear when seen in light of the Muslim Nationalism of the Bar-e-Sagheer Hind-o-Pak (The Holy Indian Sub-Continent) as reflected in the Children’s Anthem and the concept & vision of the Islamic Revivalism best captured in the Qaumi Tarana of Allama Iqbal. Both draw their inspiration from Deen-al-Islam and are Justice oriented & Egalitarian in character in both substance & form and they both talk about & advocate the interests & welfare of the oppressed, marginalised & backward classes as opposed to the parochial & deceptive Hindu-Brahmin Nationalism that harps on some whimsical ancient Brahmanical glory and nefariously advances the interests of Brahmins and allied upper castes only. 

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