Atul Depak

Law Student, New Delhi



Chin-O-Arab hamaraa Hind hai hamaara

Muslim hain hum; watan hai, saara Jahaan hamaara

Tauheed ki amaanat seenon mein hai hamaare

Aasaan naheen mitaana naam-o-nishaan hamaara

Duniya ke butkadon mein pehla who ghar Khuda kaa

Hum uske Paasbaan hain wo Paasbaan hamaara

Taeghon key saaye mein hum, pal kar jawaan hue hain

Khanjar Hilaal kaa hai qaumi nishaan hamaara

Maghrib ki waadiyon mein goonzi Azaan hamaari

Thamata na thaa kisi se sail-e-rawaan hamaara

Baatil se dabne waale aye aasmaan nahin hum

Sau baar kar chuka hai tu imtihaan hamaara

Aye Gulsitaan-e-Andalus! wo din hain yaad tujhko

Thaa teri Daaliyon par jab aashiyaan hamaara

Aye Mauj-e-Dajlah! Tu bhi pehchaanti hai hum ko

Ab tak hai tera dariya afsaana-khwaan hamaara

Aye Arz-e-Paak! Teri hurmat pey kat mare hum

Hai khoon teri ragon mein ab tak rawaan hamaara

Saalaar-e-Kaarwaan hai Meer-e-Hijaz apnaa

Is naam se hai baaki aaraam-e-jaan hamaara

Iqbal kaa taraana baang-e-daraa hai goyaa

Hotaa hai jaada paimaa phir kaarwaan hamaara


Central Asia (including China) is ours, Arabia is ours, India is ours

We are Muslims and the whole world is ours

The treasure of Tauheed (Unity) is in our hearts,

It is not easy to wipe out our name and mark.

The first house we liberated from idols is the Kabah;

We are its custodians, and it is our protector

We have grown up in the shadows of swords,

Our mascot is the crescent shaped dagger

Our Azaan (prayer calls)  have reverberated in the valleys of the west,

The force of our flow could not be stopped by anyone

O Skies! we will not be subdued by falsehood,

You have tried (our steadfasteness) a hundred times!

O Gardens of Andalusia(Spain)! Do you remember those days?

When our abode was the nest on your branches?

O, the waves of Tigris (River in Iraq)! Surely, you must be recognising us,

Your river tells our tales even to this day

O Pure soil of Makkah! We have bled and died for your honor,

Our blood flows in your veins until now

The leader of our caravan, is the Prince of Hijaz (Prophet (s))

It is his name that keeps our heart in comfort and peace.

Iqbal’s song is a clarion call

For the caravan to rise and continue the journey once more.


  • Tauheed-Unity
  • Amanat-Sovenier
  • Butkadon-Idols
  • Paasbaan-Gatekeepers
  • Hilal-Crescent
  • Baatil-Wrongdoings
  • Arz-e-Paak-Holy Land
  • Hurmat-Honour
  • Salaar-e-Kaarwan-Leader of the Caravan
  • Baang-e-Daraa-Clarion Call


  • Allama Iqbal