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Law Student, New Delhi


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Have you ever pondered over the things that the Savarnas hate the most? It is Islam, Muslims and efforts of Muslim-Bahujan unity. And they hate anything that threatens thier unjust social order and dominance. So turn to Islam and strengthen yourselves if you want true justice and empowerment in this world and in the hereafter. Certainly, there might be some fault-lines in the practices of Indian Muslims but that should not stop you from rediscovering and following the true Islam as was propagated by the orphan prophet (s) in the heart of the desert and strengthen it and strengthen your brothers & sisters in Islam.

And hold fast, all together, by the rope which the Almighty stretches for you, and be not divided amongst yourselves; and remember with gratitude His favour on you; for you were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by his grace, you became brethren; and you were on the brink of the pit of fire and He saved you from it. Thus He makes his signs clear to you, that you may be guided. [Al-Quran 3:103]

Take active interest in Islam for there is truth and light in it. And the last prophet in Islam was someone like you and like your forefathers. He was an orphan, faced destitution and poverty, was humiliated, mocked and ostracised by his own people and was persecuted just like many of you. His struggle and success is certainly of worth imitation so do not hesitate.

Mocked were (many) messengers before thee (O Muhammad); but their scoffers were hemmed in by the thing that they mocked. [Al-Quran 6:10]

For thousands of years they demonised the Bahujans, labelled them with various epithets, forced them to live an undignified life and spoke all sorts of evils against them and you believed them all only to suffer and regret later. Now they are on the same spree against Islam and Muslims, demonising them and speaking all sorts of evils against them. Have you started believing them again?

O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done. [Al-Quran 49:6]

Muslim conquest of India might have been bloody given that certain tribes hitherto designated as shudras and untouchables in the Hindu-Brahmanist religion forcefully uprooted the unjust Hindu Upper caste rule from North India but still it was not bloodier than the Aryan conquest of India in which certain self-proclaimed pure blooded Aryans annihilated the whole Dravid civilization from North India, mercilessly slaughtered millions of indigenous Indians without giving them any option, labelled the survivors as shudras and untouchables, made them do begaar and brutally exploited them for years to come. Compared to this Muslim rulers deserve praise as they tried to dismantle the unjust Brahmanical systems from large parts of India, did not name the country after any king but the local river Indus (mind that Aryans had named the portions of subcontinent after the Aryan king Bharat), offered the captives the option to join the Islamic brotherhood of equality and justice, imposed taxes on Brahmins (who for centuries had been exempted from paying taxes under the casteist Hindu social order) and destroyed temples which were the very centers of Brahmanical fraud, exploitation and subordination of India. Certainly, Brahmanical and casteist forces will not accept these narratives of natural and godly justice so easily and will keep barking nonsense to mislead Bahujans and to create division and discord between them.

अगर किसी नारे में ताक़त है, ईमान है, इंसाफ़ है, हुकूक है, सुकून है, वक़ार है, हिक़मत है और रब से वफ़ा व मुहब्बत है तो बेशक वह नारा ए तक़बीर है। इसी नारे में ज़िक्र ए इलाही, नूर ए आज़ादी और इल्मुद्दुनिया व आख़िरत है। यक़ीनन इसी नारे की क़ुव्वत पे ना जाने कितने हुक्मरान क़ायम किए गए और बाग़ी होने पर तबाह व बर्बाद भी किए गए।

اگر کیسی نعرے میں طاقت ہے، إِيمَان ہے، انصاف ہے، ھقوک ہے، سکوں ہے، وقار ہے، اور رب سے وفا وہ محبّت ہے تو وہ بیشک نعرہ اے تکبر ہے۔ اسی نعرے میں ذکر اے الاہی، نور اے آزادی اور المدّنیا وہ آخرت ہے۔ یقینن اسی نعرے کی قوّت پی نہ جانے کتنےحکمران قیام کے گئے اور باگی ہونے پر تباہ وہ برباد بھی کیے گیے۔

Translation– If in any slogan there is the power of faith, justice, rights, peace, dignity, knowledge and devotion and loyalty to the Almighty, it is indeed the slogan of Taqbeer. Besides the mention of the Almighty, implicit in it is the light of the freedom and an indication of the true sovereign of this world and the hereafter. It is on the power of this slogan that many leaders have been established and have also been removed when they betrayed its principles.

अपनी ज़बान से आप किसी चीज़ को मुस्तरद ज़रूर कर सकते हैं पर हक़ीक़त नहीं बदल सकते, जो बिल-आख़िर ज़ाहिर हो ही जाएगी चाहे यहाँ या फिर आख़िरत में।

اپنی جبان سے آپ کسی چیز کو مسترد ضرور کر سکتے ہیں پر حقیقت نھی بدل سکتے جو بلاخر ظہیر حو حی جائے گي چاہے یہاں یا پھر آخرت میں

Translation– You can surely discredit something with the stroke of your words but that will not change the truth/reality which will definitely reveal itself at sometime either here or on the day of judgement.

ऐ खुदा, इस बर्र-ऐ-सग़ीर पर,

वो मुक़द्दस क़लाम ज़िंदा कर

लोग हुकूक के लिए मर मिटे,

वो जज़्बा-ऐ-जिहाद ज़िंदा कर

اے خدا اس برصغیر پر

وو مقدّس کلام زندہ کر

لوگ حق کے لئے مر مٹے

وہ جذبہ جہاد زندہ کر

Translation– O Lord! Ignite on this subcontinent the flame of those revolutionary hymns that extinguish the fear of death (in the minds of people) in the great struggle for justice, rights, and righteousness.

तुझे ग़ुरूर है सिर्फ़ अपने इंसाफ़ पे

शायद तुझे ख़बर नहीं,

वो ज़ाहिर अल-अद्ल अल-हकीम है।

تجھے گرور ہے صرف اپنے انصاف پی

شاید تجھے خبر نہیں

وو ظاہر العدل الحكم ہے

Translation– You have so much arrogance over your versions & visions of justice, little do you know that he (the almighty) is the manifest judge and arbiter.

कुछ अमीरों को ग़रीबों का तर्जुमा बनने का बड़ा शौक़ है,

पर ग़रीब ग़रीब का तर्जुमा बने ये उन्हें गवारा नहीं।

کچھ عمیرو کو گریبو کا ترجمہ بننے کا بڑا شوک ہے

پر گریب گریب کا ترجمہ بنے یہ انھی گوارا نہیں

Translation– While some rich and elites compete to become spokespersons of the poor, they hate to see the poor becoming the spokesperson of the poor on his own.

The true faith alone is the most potent cure for the disease called racism and all its variants.

With Peace and Warm Regards!🌹

May the Almighty recompense us with goodness. May he grant us correct understanding and forgiveness. All praise to him only, the lord of the worlds.